Autoxidation and Antioxidants. The central problem has been the radically different course of lipid autoxidation and its prevention by antioxidants in dispersed versus bulk systems. This was addressed by two systems: lipids coated as a monolayer on silica powder and lipids freeze dried onto carboxymethylcellulose. Oxygen uptake measurement was by gas partition chromatography. Among the findings from the monolayer work was the ordering of the relative effectiveness of antioxidants for lipids coated as monolayers on surfaces (18). The carboxymethylcellulose work revealed the relative effectiveness of many known and some previously unknown natural antioxidants. Their synergism with food-grade synthetic antioxidants was also proved (19).

Fluorescent Detection of Lipid Oxidation Products by Polyamide Surfaces. It was discovered that the volatiles from oxidizing lipids produce surface fluorescence on polyamide powder coated on glass or plastic (20). This enabled rapid vapor phase monitoring of oxidation either in tests of antioxidant effectiveness or in in-package quality monitoring.

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