Lobster Biology And Technology

The animals referred to as lobsters are representative of a number of families of the decopod erustacea. The colors of lobsters are due to carotenoid pigments bound to proteins and deposited in the exoskeleton. These pigments are released from the proteins when the proteins are heat denatured during cooking, thus giving cooked lobster the characteristic reddish color (1).

There are more than 30 commercially exploited species of spiny lobsters alone. Description of distinguishing characteristics of species is beyond the scope of this article; refer to a review for guidance in lobster identification and world description (2). The families Galatheidae (squat lobster) and Scyllaridae (slipper or flat lobster) are minor contributors to world lobster catch (11 and 1%, respectively). On the other hand, the family Nephropinae (clawed lobsters) accounts for 71% of world commercial catch of lobster.

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Sleeping Sanctuary

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