Machinery Developments

A number of machines have been developed to assist the processing and slaughtering of pigs. One example is the fat end loosener, which drills out the fat end with the help of a vacuum. This machine was developed in Denmark and is now used in a large number of plants in that country. Prime quality fat ends have been increased from 75 to 95%. Another machine used in a number of abattoirs throughout Europe is an automatic pig carcass splitting machine. This machine replaces one operator and automatically splits the pig carcass into two halves. For hygienic operation, the cleaver mechanism that is used to split the carcass is sterilized between each pig. Considerable developmental resources are now being used in both Denmark and Holland to reduce the manpower involved in pig slaughtering. Some difficulties are being experienced with some of these machines when pigs are of an odd shape. Clearly, as robots become less expensive, there is a greater chance that these machines will succeed.

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