Main Fields Of Research And Development

The developments in Germany are not independent of the developments in other countries. The aim of the substantial support by the European research programs is the transfer of ideas, knowledge, and techniques. Besides the traditional fields of technological and conceptional evolution, the following topics have emerged as fields of interest:

Preservation and modification of food by new technologies like high hydrostatic pressure, high-pressure freezing, high-intensity electric field pulses, and supercritical carbon dioxide.

Use of rapid and online measurements (ultrasound, NIR, NMR, electronic noses) to facilitate and document good manufacturing practice. Certification and accreditation have become increasingly necessary tools in quality concepts (quality assurance). Assessment of allergic potential of food additives, novel food, or genetically engineered products. Development of improved packaging, reduction of material. Recycling and elimination costs are extremely high in Germany and Austria compared with other countries.

Identification implementation, and promotion of food items with human health promoting functions (antioxidants, bioactive substances, secondary plant components, probiotic microorganisms, fiber). The claim of specific food effects on human health is illegal in Germany.

Use of sensory methodologies and other results of consumer research to implement consumer orientated product development, combining convenience, sustainable production, minimal processing, and new experiences.

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