Maltodextrins have DE values from ca 5 to ca 15 and are even less sweet than corn syrup solids. They find application because of their quick dispersion, rapid solubility, film-forming ability, low hygroscopicity, crystallization-inhibitor property, ability to impart body, low browning potential, low osmolality, resistance to caking, flavor-carrying ability, good binding power, fat dispersibility, textural effects, and ability to provide clean flavor in food products such as baked goods (cream-type fillings, glazes, frostings), powdered mixes (soups, salad dressings, sauces, flavors, spice blends), frozen foods and novelties, meat spreads, sauces (white, cheese, pizza), salad dressings, imitation cheeses and sour creams, confectioneries (chewy candies, hard candies, pan coatings, nut and snack coatings), sports beverages, and infant formulas. A key to their use in powdered mixes is their ability to be spray-dried and to produce agglomerated products. Because of their high solubility and low hygroscopicity and their ability to form complexes with some hydrophobic substances, maltodex-trins are often used as carriers, bulking agents, or both. Special crystalline maltodextrins find use as fat replacers.

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

It is a well known fact that homemade food is always a healthier option for pets when compared to the market packed food. The increasing hazards to the health of the pets have made pet owners stick to containment of commercial pet food. The basic fundamentals of health for human beings are applicable for pets also.

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