Manufactured Food Products

The food and beverage industry is one of the largest industries in the country—in fact, the major manufacturing industry—and a major employment multiplier. The employment multiplier indicates the number of jobs generated in the economy for each new job generated in a specific sector. Table 3 shows the multiplier effect in the animal product and processing sectors. Generally, the multiplier for the primary livestock sectors is small, whereas the processing sectors have the highest multipliers. This indicates that the driving force behind employment creation in the livestock industry, as in the other agricultural sectors, lies within the processing sectors and not within the primary production sectors.

Foods and beverages are produced in fruit and vegetable factories, grain mills, bakeries, breakfast cereal plants, dairy factories, meat and fish plants, sweet and cold drink producers, food oil companies, and many others. The total production of manufactured food products in 1995 exceeded 40 million t, with the proportional contribution being about 81% grain and bakery products, 5.7% sugar and candy, 3.3% fat and oils, 0.6% fish products, 2.0% fruit and vegetable products, and 0.9% meat, dairy, coffee, and tea products (Table 4). The industry is modern, well organized, and growing to comply with the needs and demands of diverse local consumers as well as with those of countries that import manufactured foods and beverages.

Grain Products

The milling industry in South Africa processed 2.5 million t of wheat in 1995. Brown and whole wheat bread produc-

Table 2. Gross Value of Animal Products Produced, %

Product 1980 1990 1997


White 15.5 22.3 33.4

Dairy products 18.7 16.6 16.6

Ostriches 0.5 0.9 1.8

Table 3. Employment Multipliers of the Animal Industry for the Total Workforce, 1985



Meat products

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