Micromineral Deficiency

Rarely are humans deficient in only one mineral. Usually the deficiency involves more than one, and these combined deficiencies have cumulative effects on health. As noted in Tables 3 and 4, micromineral interactions are common. Anemia usually due to iron deficiency can also be due to intake deficiency of zinc, copper, or both. Poor growth is typical of micromineral deficiency, either singly or collectively. Humans consuming a wide variety of foods therefore run scant risk of micronutrient deficiency. The inclusion of red meat, dairy foods, seafoods, and fresh fruits and vegetables should provide sufficient supplies of the microminerals to the average healthy adult. Of course, special health considerations, such as growth, pregnancy, excess blood loss, and the like, may call for adjustments in mi cromineral intake, and these adjustments might call for an oral supplement.

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