Milk And Milk Products

By definition as mammals, humans are milk-drinking animals. Since at least from the beginning of recorded history, humans have used the milk of other mammals as a food source. Before urbanization, each family depended on its own animals for milk. Later, dairy farms were developed close to cities. The milk industry became a commercial enterprise when methods for the preservation of fluid milk were introduced. Like many other early industries—made up of many small producers and associated with a local production area—the dairy industry developed into large production units and large processing plants often located far from the production areas. The successful evolution of the dairy industry from small to large units of production, that is, from farm to dairy plant, depended on sanitation of product and equipment, cooking facilities, health standards for animals and workers, transportation systems, construction materials for process machinery and product containers, pasteurization methods, containers for distribution, and refrigeration for products in stores and in homes.

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