Milk Proteins

The products that contain milk proteins are derived from skimmed (nonfat) milk (Fig. 3). The proteins of milk have a well-balanced amino acid profile, having been designed by nature for the rapid early phase of growth that is necessary for infant mammals. By comparison with a reference protein, which has been described by a FAO/WHO

Butter manufacture

Vegetable oils and mixes (fat mixes)

Cream--Frozen cream

UHT cream

Anhydrous milk fat

Butter f

Compound butter (salted and unsalted)

Anhydrous blends

Decolorized anhydrous milkfat

Fractionated anhydrous milkfat

-Crystallized ghee

Bulk salted whey butter

Bulk unsalted whey butter

- Salted butter Unsalted butter Salted lactic butter Unsalted lactic butter


Figure 2. The products derived from cream.

Vegetarian Food and Cooking

Vegetarian Food and Cooking

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