The mixing process is a necessary procedure for coarse-ground products. The only purpose of grinding is to reduce particle size. Lean and fat meat extruded through the grinder must be thoroughly mixed in order to assure the uniformity of chemical composition and to extract salt-soluble protein for fat-holding and water binding (18). A mixer consists of a hopper and a pair of agitators. Ribbon, paddle, or solid flight agitators are commonly used for mixing meat products. Agitators are designed to tumble and to circulate meat slowly inside the mixer. The agitators usually rotate in opposite directions to perform overlapping action. The optimum mixing temperature is suggested to be below 40°F to prevent smear problems.

Oxygen, which exists in meat products, accelerates the spoilage of finished product. A vacuum is often applied during the mixing process to evacuate air. To keep product temperature cold during the mixing operation, ice, chilled water, or liquid gas are added into the mixer. Meat is an excellent carbon dioxide (C02) absorbant. If dry ice is used for chilling, a vacuum should be applied to remove dissolved C02 at the end of the mixing cycle. Otherwise, the dissolved C02 will be released in heat processing or vacuum packaging and cause quality and shelf life problems.

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