Neural Networks

Neural networks attempt to figuratively model the neurological processes of the brain, in a stimulus/response structure. Neural networks essentially recognize patterns in data leading from initial events to results. These programs are well suited to systems in which traditional statistics are not applicable. The technology's power lies in its ability to analyze large combinations of variables very quickly. The neural network is trained by observing a multitude of patterns. For many processes indications of product quality parameters, such as moisture, color, texture, concentration, or taste, cannot be measured at the point of control. Quality labs check samples from the end of the line, which is too late for process control, resulting in considerable scrap or costly rework. Neural networks can be trained to predict quality parameters from on-line process data at the point of control. This information can then be used either manually or automatically for controlling the process. Whenever product quality needs to be controlled based on measurements taken after the process, neural networks are useful.

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Berry Boosters

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