Nicholas Appert Award

Award. $5,000 honorarium from IFT and a bronze medal from the Chicago Section of IFT.

Purpose. To honor an IFT member or nonmember for preeminence in and contributions to the field of food technology.

Eligibility. The nominee must have made consistent— and essentially lifetime—contributions to food science and technology. Factors of personality or achievement outside the field of food technology cannot be considered. For a detailed description and history of the award and the accomplishments of past winners, see the article "The Nicholas Appert Medalists—A Reflection of the Growth of Food Science and Technology," by Alina Sur-macka Szczesniak, Food Technology, September 1992, pp. 144-152.

Special instructions. The nomination statement must not be more than four typed pages. Do not include a curriculum vitae or lists of publications and patents.

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