A, B Constants in equations 8 and 9

b Slot width d Slot height

AE Activation energy of flow

AEk Activation energy for cooking reaction

H Slit height k Specific reaction velocity constant

K Coefficient for moisture in equations 3 and 5

M Moisture content m Power law index in extensional flow

Nj Primary normal stress difference

N2 Secondary normal stress difference n Power law index in shear flow

Pex Pressure drop in the exit zlPshear Pressure drop due to viscous effects

APExi Pressure drop due to elongational flow

APtot Total pressure drop

APent Entrance pressure drop

JPdle Pressure drop across the die

PHE Elastic hole pressure

Q Volume flow rate r0 Radius of the barrel r1 Radius at the die

T Temperature t Time a Half-cone angle of the die e Elongational strain rate y Shear rate rjs Shear viscosity tje Elongational viscosity tj* Reference viscosity try Total stress tjj Extra stress components

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