Nutrient Content of Typical Servings

The nutrient content of some typical cooked 100-g servings of lean from several meat species is shown in Table 1 (125) and would provide approximately 50% of the recommended adult daily requirement for protein, zinc, niacin, and vitamin B12 and 15% or more of the requirement for iron, riboflavin, and vitamin B6. In particular, the iron in meat is important because it is heme iron, which is more bio-available than inorganic iron, and meat itself enhances the absorption of iron from other sources. Some meats, such as fish and poultry, have less iron than others. Cooked meats lose water, resulting in a proportional increase in protein, fat, and other nutrients per unit weight. The presentation of cooked meat data, therefore, gives a much more realistic indication of the actual food value of meat.

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