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Figure 1. Structure of rosmarinic acid.

eral complement-dependent inflammatory processes, including paw edema induced by cobra venom factor and ovalbumin/antiovalbumin-mediated passive cutaneous anaphylaxis (21). It also inhibits prostacyclin synthesis induced by complement activation (22,23). It is also known to have complement-independent effects such as scavenging of oxygen free radicals (24) and inhibition of elastase. The relative safety of RA in relation to other methods of complement depletion is well documented (24). Among other actions of RA are antithyrotropic activity in tests with human thyroid membrane preparations, inhibition of complement-dependent components of endotoxin shock in rabbits, and the ability to react rapidly to viral coat proteins and so inactivate the virus (12,21). RA also inhibits Forskolin-induced activation of adenylate cyclase in cultured rat thyroid cells (25).

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