Occurrence And Functional Properties Of Carotenoids In Foods

More than 600 structurally distinct carotenoids have been identified in nature, of which only a few dozen commonly occur in human foodstuffs. Although the provitamin A and some nonprovitamin A carotenoids are important as nutrients, most carotenoids significantly influence food quality through the hues that they impart to fruits, vegetables, and animal foods. In most plant or animal tissues, only a small number of distinct carotenoids usually account for more than 80% of the total carotenoid content; examples of commodities with large numbers of carotenoids in significant quantities are relatively rare. Although some carotenoids, such as /?-carotene, occur in many different fruits and vegetables, others, such as lycopene (tomato) and a-carotene (carrot), occur in appreciable quantities in only a few commodities.

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