Official Inspection Legend

The PDP of all USDA products must include an official inspection legend in accordance with established inspection procedures. The number of the official establishment (ie, the identity of the plant at which the product was manufactured) must also be included in one of the following manners:

• Within the official inspection legend

• Outside the official inspection legend, but elsewhere on the label (eg, on the lid of a can). When it is placed outside the inspection legend, the prefix "EST." must precede the establishment number. It must be shown in a prominent and legible manner in a size that ensures easy visibility and recognition.

• Off the exterior of the container (eg, on a metal clip used to close casings or bags) or on other packaging material in the container (eg, on aluminum pans and trays within the container). When it is placed on the exterior of the container or on other packaging material, a statement of its location must be printed continuous to the official inspection legend.

• On an insert label placed under a transparent covering, if it is clearly visible and legible and accompanied by the prefix "EST.".

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