3-Hydroxyl l-Glutamic acid (3-hydroxyl l-Glutamic acid (threo type; umami) (erythro type)

Figure 2. Relationship between the chemical structure of glutamic-acid-related substances and the appearance of umami taste.

1959 that such solutions were commercially available in Japan and became broadly used in daily clinical practice. This type of solution contains amino acids but no peptides, making it possible to have the exact amount of each amino acid in the solution.

The composition of amino acids in each solution was essentially based on recommendations by the Joint FAO/ WHO Expert Group (20), which recommended a ratio of 1:1 between essential and nonessential amino acids in mixtures administered intravenously and those administered orally or through a feeding tube.

Meeting the increased branched-chain amino acid requirement in patients with severe surgical injuries has been demonstrated as being a means of nutritional support and treatment of disease itself (21).

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