In addition, it oxidizes various other p-diphenols, m-diphenols and p-phenylenediamine, but laccase does not oxidize tyrosine.

PPO appears in almost all tissues of plants; however, significant differences in both the level of the activity and in the concentration of its substrates have been observed among different cultivars of fruits and vegetables. The enzyme has been found in a variety of cell fractions, both in organelles and in the soluble fraction of the cell (17,18). The level of PPO often changes markedly during the development of the plant (19-21) and may be significantly affected by growing conditions.

Recent emerging new scientific development in the field of molecular biology offers not only the possibility of understanding the essential function of PPO in plants, which has remained a puzzle for years, but it also promises to control PPO and its substrates to prevent browning in foods.

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

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