Scheme 1.

Scheme 3.

Liquid-protein cross-link Termination L* + P* —~ LP LO* + P*—^ LOP LOO» + P* —- LOOP

Displacement L* + P —- LP« LPP* etc LO* + P —► LOP* LOPP* etc LOO* + P — LOOP* LOOPP* etc

Protein-protein cross-link P* + P* —► PP P* + P —- PP* PPP* etc

Scheme 4.

by carbon-carbon cleavage producing various carbonyl compounds (12). Oxidative decomposition of unsaturated fatty acids yields dimers, trimers, and tetramers with polar groups. Radicals generated in these processes can enter into very complex combination reactions. Polymer formation causes increasing viscosity of the frying oil.

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