Optimization of Structural Changes

When structural changes are directly related to functions, such as loaf volume of bread, the model yielded from the correlation computation can be used to predict the structure parameters. Based on the response surface graphically illustrated, the optimum may be able to be located.

However, when the processing data are inadequate to conduct the modeling computation, such as creating new processing procedures or new products, computer-aided optimization could be the best solution. Again, there are many commercial computer programs available for optimization. If it is difficult to select the best method for achieving the objectives, contacting Network Enabled Optimization Center (NEOS) is recommended. NEOS is the optimization technology center that is a joint enterprise of Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne, 111.) and Northwestern University (Evanston, 111.).

Recently, a unique experimental optimization technique was proposed (62). Random-centroid optimization (RCO) uses simple algorithms since there is no need for complicated advanced algorithms. The method has been successfully applied to chemical synthesis as well as food processing projects.

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