Other Applications

There are a number of other specialized shortening applications. Confectionery fats are primarily intended to be substitutes or extensions for cocoa butter in confections and coatings. These consist of lauric-based products (coconut and palm kernel oils), which may be hydrogenated, fractionated, or interesterified to better match the solids profile and melting point of cocoa butter. Domestic substitutes may be hydrogenated or fractionated as well (18-4245). These do not generally have the same crystal type as cocoa butter, and they do not require tempering. Eating quality, snap, mouth melt, and glossy appearance are key performance factors. Coatings provide a moisture barrier

Table 7. Typical Cake Shortenings



Moisture incorporation

Fat content

Cake and icing Specialty cake Plastic solid Liquid

Specialized mix shortenings

Monoglyceride and diglyceride Low Moderate

Propylene glycol monoesters and monoglycerides Moderate Moderate

Lactylated monoglycerides and monoglycerides Moderate Moderate

Higher levels of propylene glycol monoesters and monoglycerides High High

Table 8. Typical Icing Shortenings


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