Other Food Packaging Polymers

Many other food-packaging polymers exist in addition to the major ones described previously. Ethylene vinyl ace tate (EVA) is a low-cost copolymer used as an adhesive in coextrusion and as a heat-sealable layer. Compared to EVA, ionomers are more expensive adhesives that have better hot tack, adhesion to aluminum foil, and ability to heat seal through food contaminants (9). Nylon is a polyamide primarily used in applications that require good abrasion resistance and toughness; however, nylon has poor moisture-barrier properties and heat sealability. Polycarbonate (PC) is a relatively expensive polyester that has exceptional impact properties, and its food-packaging application is presently limited mostly to large returnable water bottles. Other packaging polymers include edible films (9), biodegradable films (9), oxygen-scavenging films (12), and temperature-compensating films (4).

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