Output Device

This device obtains the translated information and acts on it accordingly. In a manual system, the information (display) is passed to an operator who will make a decision and proceed accordingly. In an automated system, the processor makes a decision based on the data evaluated and sends a signal to some part of the process to act accordingly. This signal could trigger an alarm, stop a line, reject or accept the product, or send a signal to a robot to perform a task. In a closed-loop system, the feedback from the statistics process is provided to the controller to reduce process deviations.

Image recognition and inspection is done via image comparison (sample image vs. standard image) or feature extraction (sample image features vs. standard image features). These are named "something-somewhere" inspections, which are usually quantitative. A more flexible, qualitative image-inspection system based on the "anything-anywhere" principle works on the principle of example parts or illustrations. An example of the "anything-anywhere" principle is the system named MentorĀ®, which uses a filter generated from a neural network that creates and refines the filter during the set-up process and creates different algorithms to analyze different area parts (9).

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