Package Designs

The flat four-seal design has dominated retort pouch usage from the beginning. In addition to favorable marketing characteristics, such as flat surfaces for graphics and efficient shelf space usage, this design, whether implemented on vertical or horizontal equipment, facilitates visual inspection of the seals, minimizes seal junctions that are potential leak sites, provides the thin cross section needed for shorter thermoprocesses, and results in fast heating in hot water for serving. Tear notches provide an easy opening feature.

Except for some institutional packs where a sturdy bulk shipping case is used, an outer carton is used to provide additional handling protection. Experience has shown that gluing the pouch to the carton is not necessary.

Sacharow (14), reviewing Japanese experience, reported that a stand-up pouch featuring a bottom gusset is used for stews, soups, boiled vegetables, and oriental-style foods. In the United States, a juice drink product uses this bottom gusset design. The paperboard carton is absent in both of these applications.

Berry Boosters

Berry Boosters

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