Packaging of all forms of processed potato products is accomplished by fully automated systems in most processing plants. Potato chips are packaged with form-fill equipment that currently uses special packing materials (foil lami-

Figure 4. French fries cooling on conveyor belts. Source: Courtesy of J. R. Simplot Company.

nates) that eliminate light and oxygen and provide for maintenance of injected nitrogen. This nitrogen serves both as an antioxidant for the contents and a cushion for the package. Frozen French fries are placed in retail or institutional packages via either form-fill or carton-fill equipment. Polyethylene materials and corrugated cardboard are commonly used for packaging frozen French fries. Potato flakes are filled into institutional or retail packages by automated fillers. Packages normally are made up of oxygen-barrier materials within corrugated boxes or polyethylene bags.

Numerous types, sizes, and shapes of packages are used in the potato-processing industry to meet the myriad of marketing requirements. Individual packages are normally packed into cases that are further unitized into pallet loads for handling and transporting.

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