Packaging Foods For Highpressure Treatment

A major consideration in the packaging of foods for pressure treatment is the effect of compression on the structure and barrier properties of the package. If rigid structures are used, means must be incorporated to allow for up to

15% reduction in volume of the product during pressure treatment at 680 MPa (100,000 psi). Otherwise, flexible packages such as pouches or semiridged structures, such as trays or bowls with easy open peel-seals, can be used. Foods packaged for high-pressure treatment must be vacuum treated to remove as much dissolved and occluded gas as possible. They must be packaged without a head-space because any gas will be forced into the food during compression. Compression of gas represents extra compression work and the presence of dissolved oxygen in the food may lead to accelerated development of oxidized flavors. Ultimately the product-package system must be treated, stored, and evaluated for product quality after the desired storage time at expected storage temperatures. As with all packaging, the food must be held in the proposed package to determine if undesirable flavors transfer from the package to the food.

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