Processed cheese is usually packed and wrapped in laminated foil; in cardboard or plastic cartons; in tubes, cups, cans, and plastic containers; in sausage form; and occasionally in glass jars. Processed cheese, in sausage form, can be subjected to a smoking. A relatively new development is continuous slicing (Fig. 4) and packing of the cheese slices, suitable for sandwiches. Slices may also be obtained by mechanically slicing of rectangular processed cheese blocks. The common appearance of processed cheese in the European market is in a triangular portion (20-30 g), wrapped in heat-sealed laminated aluminum foil and assembled in round cardboard cartons. However, these packagings are quite rare in North America, where huge quantities of processed cheese block are packed in plastic foil, in the form of slices, for fast-food restaurants.

To avoid recontamination, finished processed cheese is transferred by means of stainless steel pipes to feed filling machines.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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