Snack packaging must answer to many challenges. Snacks are generally high in fat, very low in moisture, and often fragile. Both oxygen and light barriers are needed to combat rancidity. Potato chips in particular are subject to light damage. Moisture barriers are needed to prevent sogginess and to maintain crispness. Metallized films that protect against these elements have become the packaging material of choice. The opacity of the metallized film also offers the ability to hide crumbs from the consumer. Polyester and polypropylene laminates are common. Polypropylene is preferred when it is necessary to protect the bag or pouch from punctures from sharp snack pieces such as tortilla chips. Pouches or bags made on form-fill-seal machines have become the primary package for fragile, salted snacks due to their low relative cost, their ability to display attractive graphics and their ability to cushion. In the most modern plants, computer controlled, multiple head scaling units dose products into pouches with a high level of accuracy.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

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