During this holiday, which occurs in the spring, all products made from the five prohibited grains (Hebrew: chometz)—wheat, rye, oats, barley, and spelt—cannot be used except for the specially supervised production of unleavened bread (Hebrew: matzos) that is prepared especially for the holiday. Special care is taken to ensure that the matzos do not have any time to "rise." In addition, products derived from corn, rice, legumes, sesame seeds, mustard seed, buckwheat, and some other plants (Hebrew: kitnyos) are prohibited for Jews whose origins are from central Europe. Thus, items like corn meal, corn syrup, corn starch, would be prohibited. Many rabbis permit kitnyos oils. Some rabbis permit liquid derivatives of kitnyos such as corn syrup. The major source of sweeteners and starches generally used for Passover production of "sweet" items is either real sugar or potato-derived products. Some potato syrup is also used. Passover is a time of large family gatherings. Overall, 40% of kosher sales for the traditional "kosher" companies occurs during the week of Passover.

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