Patentability Specifications and Claims

To facilitate an understanding of the concept of patentability, some familiarity with the contents of patents and particularly with the specification and claims is desirable. The specification of a patent contains a detailed technical description of the invention involved. In addition, if an understanding of the invention would be facilitated by including drawings, the specification will do so and also provide an explanation of the drawings. The specification may also include a discussion of the background technology of the invention, the problems encountered in that technology, the state of the prior art, the objectives of the invention, and/or the advantages, if any, achieved by the invention.

The claim or claims of a patent appear at the end of the technical description of the patent. The function of the claim is particularly to point out and distinctly assert title to the subject matter that the applicant considers to be his or her contribution or invention for which he or she desires a patent grant. It is the claim or claims that are compared to the prior art to determine patentability. Likewise, it is the claim or claims that are compared to an accused activity to determine whether infringement actually exists.

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