Peptides In Food Science Physical Aspect

Peptides contribute to the physical properties of food. For example, the smooth texture of cheese is dependent on the extent of proteolysis of casein during the maturation. Proteins and peptides have surface activities and show functional properties such as emulsifying and foaming. Am-phiphatic properties, charge distribution, solubility, and the molecular weights of peptides are related to these functional properties. Usually the functional properties of food proteins are modified by proteolysis. In some proteins, like gluten, whose solubility is very low, the functional properties are improved by limited proteolysis. When a protein has good solubility, functional properties of the peptides derived from it tend to be lower than those of the parental proteins. Enzymatic digests of soybean proteins suppress thermal gelation and freezing-induced insolubilization of proteins. Soybean peptides protect starch from rétrogradation.

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