Percentjuice Declaration

With certain exceptions, any beverage that purports or appears to contain a fruit or vegetable juice must declare the percentage of juice in the product. Any of the following situations could trigger this requirement: using the name (or variation) of a fruit or vegetable in advertising, labels, or labeling; depicting a fruit or vegetable in a vignette or other pictorial representation; or formulating a beverage to contain the color and flavor of a fruit or vegetable juice.

Percent-juice labeling (Table 8) is generally required if a beverage has the appearance and flavor of containing a fruit or vegetable juice, even if the product in fact contains no juice. Certain exceptions are made for products containing minor amounts of juice (typically less than 2%) that are labeled with a fruit or vegetable name and a term such as "flavored."

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

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