Polyvinylidene Chloride

PVDC commonly known under the trade name Saran, is a copolymer of vinylidene chlorine (85-90%) and vinyl chloride. The most notable advantages of PVDC are its excellent oxygen- and moisture-barrier properties. PVDC films have good clarity and grease and oil resistance.

PVDC is used in films, containers, and coatings. Monolayer PVDC films are used in household wraps. PVDC is often coextruded or laminated with other lower-cost polymers (such as OPP and PET) to form multilayer films or sheets. The multilayer films are used to package foods that require a good oxygen barrier, and the multilayer sheets are often thermoformed into semirigid containers. PVDC is also used in the form of latex for coating paper, film, and cellophane to achieve a better oxygen and moisture barrier, grease resistance, and heat sealability.

PVDC is more costly than most other commonly used food-packaging polymers. Similar to PVC, PVDC has poor thermal processing stability, and environmental concerns are associated with its use.

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