The pioneers of frozen foods in the 1930s and early 1940s, in the United States, knew that potatoes could not be successfully frozen. Maynard Joslyn is credited with developing the technology that enabled frozen French fries to be introduced into the United States market in 1947 (4). U.S. production alone now totals 8.4 billion pounds annually (Fig. 1). Much of this is consumed in fast-food outlets where four out of five customers order French fries, a greater proportion than those who order any other single product, even hamburgers! Instantly acceptable in every market to which they have been introduced, the quality standard for most of the world is the product processed from Russet Burbank potatoes in the northwestern states of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon in the United States.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

Salvation For The Sleep Deprived The Ultimate Guide To Sleeping, Napping, Resting And  Restoring Your Energy. Of the many things that we do just instinctively and do not give much  of a thought to, sleep is probably the most prominent one. Most of us sleep only because we have to. We sleep because we cannot stay awake all 24 hours in the day.

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