Poultry Rolls

Poultry rolls are made from dark meat, white meat, or their combination. The meat is obtained from whole

Table 5. Examples of Various Further Processed Poultry Products



Smoked turkey breast Poultry roll Turkey ham Turkey bacon Summer sausage Poultry frankfurter

Poultry bologna

Poultry patties Breakfast sausage Chicken nuggets Fried chicken

Roasted, barbecued Jellied chicken loaf

Whole muscle, without nitrite White and dark meat Cured dark meat Layers of light and dark meat Fermented product Fine emulsion, in small diameter casings

Fine emulsion, in large diameter casings Hamburger type, not cured Ground product, sold fresh or frozen Whole muscle or restructured Battered and breaded, sold un- or precooked Prepared with dry heat, crisp skin Cooked meat held in a gelatin matrix chicken or turkey muscle, trimmings, and skin. In this product the pieces of meat are "glued" together to form a coherent product. Salt is added to extract the salt-soluble protein (mainly actin and myosin), which assists in binding the meat pieces and retaining the moisture and fat within the product. The skin and some of the trimmings are usually finely chopped (the term "emulsified" is used in the industry even though no true emulsion is formed) to facilitate the binding of the fat. Seasonings are added to provide flavor, and moisture is added to compensate for cooking losses and to improve the juiciness of the product. If added moisture exceeds a certain percentage (varies in different countries) of the raw meat moisture, the product should be labeled as a water-added product. The meat pieces are mixed together with the nonmeat ingredients until the meat becomes sticky (which is used as an indication of good protein extraction) and all the added moisture is absorbed. The mix is then stuffed into casings and the product is cooked either in a water bath or an oven.

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