Prevention Intervention And Control Actions

Chemical hazards can be introduced into the food supply at all stages along the food chain. Standards for food safety are set, and the food industries are entrusted to comply with them. In addition to regulatory standards, consumer demands and purchasing habits may also require food industry representatives to consider implementing various risk control measures.

In the process of preparing a strategy to reduce potential risks, it is clear that considerable improvements can be achieved by appropriate education, training, and prevention. Implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs have led to the widespread adoption of several risk prevention measures in the production and processing of food products.

Legislative mandate largely determines the flexibility afforded risk managers in interpreting the results of risk assessments and in considering other factors before making regulatory decisions. A variety of models are often considered in the food safety risk management process and their uses are often prescribed by law. Some common models include:

Zero risk, which applies to food additives shown to induce cancer in humans or animals. For chemicals regulated in such a manner there is a zero tolerance. Reasonable certainty of no harm or negligible risk, which typically deems acceptable a cancer risk of no more than one excess cancer above background per million people exposed, as calculated using conservative (risk-magnifying) risk assessment methods. Risk balancing, which specifically requires that risk and benefits should be considered together before making a decision.

Technical feasibility, which considers both the level of risk and the availability of current technological methods to control the risk.

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