Processing Fresh Poultry

Special large-scale plants for processing poultry are common around the world. These plants are specifically designed to process poultry and usually include a slaughtering facility, defeathering, evisceration, inspection, chilling, and packaging. In some cases they are built adjacent to meat processing plants.

The steps involved in processing poultry are illustrated in Figure 1. Usually the process starts with a bulk weighing of the birds received on the truck. The live weight subtracted from the eviscerated weight (minus the weight of the condemned birds) provides the yield value and is often used, together with the grades assigned, to determine the payment to the farmer. Unloading the birds from the crates and placing them on the shackle line is often done manually. Special care should be exercised at this stage to minimize bruising of the excited birds. This is commonly followed by stunning the birds; however, stunning is not always used, especially when religious considerations are

Dressing operations

Evisceration operations

Receiving and weighing \

Unloading \

Stunning and slaughtering \


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