Product Quality

Included in the list of perceived advantages of continuous aseptic processing (Fig. 4) is that of improved product quality, with the basic standard being set by products sterilized by traditional canning methods.

These quality standards include microbiological safety (ie, process lethality), cooking effects, and nutrient/ vitamin retention. Unlike other processes requiring heat penetration, either from the outside to the center of a can (in-can sterilization) or from the outside of the particulate to the center (tubular or swept surface), ohmic has the ability to provide exceptionally fast heating of all of the prod-

Fresher tasting, more nutritional products can be produced containing large particulates.

There is ability to heat food product in continuous flow without the need for any hot heat transfer surfaces.

Process is ideal for shear-sensitive products.

Risk of fouling is considerably reduced.

Heat can be generated in the product solids without reliance on thermal conductivity through liquid.

System is quiet in operation.

Maintenance costs are lower.

Process is easy to control and can be started or shut down instantly.

There are potential savings in processing and packaging costs.

Figure 4. Advantages of electrical resistance heating.

uct virtually simultaneously; this provides a high degree of microbiological security, as there is a very narrow range of lethality from the surface to the center of the particulates.

In a 1996 publication by Kim et al. (2), a team involving the U.S. Army Soldier and Biological Chemical Command and APV UK Ltd., had demonstrated that not only the center temperature of a particulate rises faster than the surface, but also particulates could heat faster than fluid in ohmic heating. A higher temperature of the particulates provided additional heat to the surrounding fluid as both phases exited the ohmic column and entered the holding tube. Therefore a higher temperature reading was registered at the outlet than that at the inlet of holding tube (Fig. 5). They also suggested that lethality estimation of microorganisms based on fluid temperature at the ohmic column outlet would be very conservative. This is a very o o a)

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