Production And Consumption

In 1810, according to government records, Pennsylvania produced 24.5 million L (6.5 million gal); Indiana 83,000 L (22,000 gal); and Kentucky more than 7.5 million L (2 million gal). In 1917, apparently in anticipation of Prohibition, over 1.1 billion L (300 million gal) of beverage spirits were produced, of which 225 million L (60 million gal) were whisky. In the year 1930, the Prohibition Enforcement Bureau estimated that the illicit production amounted to 3 billion L (800 million gal). Table 2 shows distilled spirits entering trade channels from 1955 to 1995.

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

Homemade Pet Food Secrets

It is a well known fact that homemade food is always a healthier option for pets when compared to the market packed food. The increasing hazards to the health of the pets have made pet owners stick to containment of commercial pet food. The basic fundamentals of health for human beings are applicable for pets also.

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