Production Practices

As shown in Table 2, the majority of eggs at this time are produced on large egg production farms. With this change, the level of mechanization used in the production of eggs has increased. Over 95% of all laying hens in the United States and over 75% of all laying hens in the world are kept in cages (8). Legislation has been introduced in many

Table 3. Chemical Composition of the Egg

Water Protein Fat CHO Ash

Edible portion

Whole egg 75.33 12.49 10.02 1.22 0.94

Calcium carbonate Magnesium carbonate Calcium phosphate Organic matter

Source: Ref. 3 for edible portion; Ref. 4 for shell.

countries and passed in a few that would ban the use of cages for laying hens due to activities of animal welfare groups. Full details on production practices are given by North and Bell (8).

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