Production System

Basic preparation standards and procedures are necessary in any foodservice system. A standard product can be developed consistently, and waste can be avoided. Using pre-prepared foods will reduce the need for skilled labor and reduce energy requirements. Because the cost of operating a foodservice establishment is still climbing, the production system has the potential to be the most expensive of all the systems. Skilled labor is expensive, but so is untrained, unskilled labor. Therefore, the use of standardized recipes, good quality ingredients, training, and proper supervision of production is essential.

The menu is the input and control, where production planning begins. The production system transforms the raw product into the salable output of the foodservice system. Accurate forecasting is the prediction of the food needs for the meal, day, or defined period based on established trends. Forecasting is a procedure that can limit food waste and maintain cost controls. Past sales trends can be used along with present and future developments. Food sales performance determines the quantities of food and portion size to be prepared. This information is included on the production schedule, along with special instructions for preparation and work assignments. New computer technologies and modern equipment can help in making the production equipment more efficient. To maintain quality and consistent foodservice, employees must follow the standardized recipes, procedures, and portion control. Quality preprepared and preplated food items have provided automation and decreased personnel expense in this area.

To maintain food quality, the purchase of quality food is the first step. Using standardized recipes, supervision of food production, and critical tasting techniques are other factor in producing quality items. The food needs to be safe, wholesome, and pleasing to the targeted customer for the foodservice operation to be successful.

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