Coffee extract, fruit juices, milk, beer, wine, and vinegar have been concentrated by freeze concentration. Freeze concentration is also used to recover potable water in the form of meltable ice from sea water and brackish water. A less-selective analogous process, partial solidification, is used to separate high-melting fats from low-melting fats.

Freeze concentration works best for clear solutions; any insoluble solids present are likely to reduce cleanness of separation and be trapped and lost when the concentrate is separated from the ice. Therefore, insoluble solids should be removed before freeze concentration begins. They can, if desired, be added back to the concentrate after the process is complete. Freeze concentration also does not work well if solutes in the solution precipitate as concentration occurs.

Anti-Aging Report

Anti-Aging Report

When people generally think about anti-aging, they tend to think about the visible signs of wear and tear, those tell-tale wrinkles, age spots and their developing jowls. No-one wants to get old, let alone feel and look older than their years and anti-aging treatments are becoming so sought after by both men and women that the skincare market is colossal, but what really works?

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