Pulsed Light

Electrical energy stored in a capacitor can be rapidly released to produce short, intense high-power pulses (Fig. 1). Such pulses are used to generate the intense flashes of

PureBright light by electrically ionizing a xenon gas lamp. The broadband emitted light flash has wavelengths from far-UV (200-300 nm) through the near-UV (300-380 nm) and visible spectra (380-780 nm), to the infrared (7801,200 nm). Approximately 25% of the light is in the UV wavelength range.

Flash duration is typically about 300 /us and the light intensity is greater than 20,000 times that of sunlight. A few flashes applied in a fraction of a second kills all exposed microorganisms, spores, and viruses.

Although the peak power of each flash is very high, the total energy consumed per flash is relatively low and the average operating power requirement modest.

All PureBright systems have a treatment-monitoring capability. Each pulse of light is monitored for total fluence and UV content. A feedback circuit is used to assure that proper treatment is provided and controlled. The process is essentially fail-safe.

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