Raw Material Properties

Because of the characteristics of krill, processing into the final products must be accomplished as soon as possible after catch on board. The body of krill is so small (average body weight is 0.68 g) that its muscle is located close to its digestive organs containing protease, and muscle protein is easily affected by protease (9). Also the level of autopro-teolysis varies considerably among different season catches from the same area (11). The speed of denaturation of myofibrillar protein of krill is much faster than it is for other fish and shellfish. Deterioration starts taking place immediately after death of krill. As krill fishing is not done continuously, harvested krill is stored in a pool until processing starts. The main proteases responsible for the autolysis are trypsinlike proteases at neutral pH and cathep-sins (B, H, and L types) at acidic pH (10). Rolling and pitching of the ship causes damage to the bodies.

Sleeping Sanctuary

Sleeping Sanctuary

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