Receiving operations are among the procedures that are common to all potato processing plants. Appropriate types and sizes of equipment and facilities are required for unloading (dump hoists, hoppers), handling (flumes, conveyors), and temporarily storing (bulk bins, pallet boxes) raw potatoes delivered to the plant by controlled-temperature highway trucks and railroad cars. Typical receiving operations consist of either wet fluming or dry conveying types of systems. Usually, some means of sampling the incoming potatoes is used to determine raw product quality.

Most potatoes are delivered to processing plants unwashed. Therefore, a system to remove soil and extraneous material is required at the plant. Forced water sprays combined with brushing are used to remove soil from the tubers. Destoners and trash elevators are normally incorporated into either the receiving operations or the initial washing operation at the plant.

French fries Chips Dehydrated flakes

Blanching Frying Blanching

Frying (partial) Cooling Cooking

Cooling Packaging Mashing

Freezing Drying

Packaging Packaging

Figure 3. Flow diagram showing major operations in processing raw potatoes into French fries, chips, or dehydrated flakes.

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Homemade Pet Food Secrets

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