Refrigerated Foods Transportation

The transportation of refrigerated raw materials, ingredients, and food products is an essential link between the food industry and consumers. Each food product possesses characteristics that decide its practical storage life (PSL). Temperature control is a vital factor in determining the PSL of all refrigerated products. Good transport meets these requirements in the chilled or frozen food chains. Some shorter-life products spend more than half their PSL in transport. For others the transit time is a small interval from production to consumption. Apart from temperature, other important factors in the maintenance of quality during transport are packaging, humidity, and protection from damaging product integrity.

Commercial pressures and the advance of computer technology (especially Electronic Point of Sale [EPOS] and Just-in-Time [JIT] inventory control) are helping to reduce the time many items are held in storage or transport. Transportation by sea, land, and air is becoming intermodal, with users demanding the mix that provides them with the optimum quality and cost in an acceptable time. There is keen competition among transportation providers that is quickening the development of improved technology and customer service.

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