Reworking Butter

Since significant amounts of butter are made during high milk production periods of the year (spring) and highest consumption tends to be during the late fall, butter by necessity needs to be stored under conditions to ensure continuing quality. These conditions are usually in bulk frozen form. Thawing and the subsequent reworking have resulted in development of new and superior processes and equipment. The equipment is in a closed system with clean-in-place, and the process includes butter blocks at temperatures > — 5°C that are transported to a shredder, from which the butter chips pass via large-diameter screw conveyors to the silo; from here they are pumped through the reworker where optimal moisture distribution is achieved by two counterrotating kneading rollers, and reworked butter emerges at 6 to 14°C. Equipment for reworking of butter blocks that have a temperature of > — 25°C incorporates a butter tempering system after the shredder, and temperature of the emerging butter can be regulated (44).

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