Risk Costs And Benefits

In food safety decision-making processes, benefit-cost analysis is frequently adopted to reduce risk to a single dimension (such as the risk of developing cancer, nervous system disorder, or death), to avoid subjectivity in the decision making, and as an aid in setting priorities. An important role of the risk manager is to identify various risk-control options and to assess the risks and benefits associated with each option. Costs and benefits may be calculated on both economic and health scales; such a process is highly controversial as it often assigns monetary values to human life, deaths, illnesses, and health issues. As an alternative to conventional cost-benefit analysis, other techniques have been developed to provide assistance in evaluating various options where costs and benefits may be expressed on nonmonetary scales. It should be emphasized that although benefit-cost analysis can be of some help in the decision-making process, it is fundamental to ensure that important qualitative factors are not underplayed by quantitative factors (2).

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