Sanitary conditions must be maintained in storage facilities to prevent the growth of contaminating organisms. Under high humidity conditions, molds grow on the surfaces of packages, walls, and ceilings, and although they may not directly decay produce, they may produce unwanted substances that accelerate decay, give off-flavors to the commodity, or create favorable environments for decay organisms. Periodic and thorough cleaning of storage surfaces and good air circulation help prevent the growth of surface molds. Whitewash can be sprayed on ceilings and walls when storage rooms are empty and before a new load comes in. Surfaces may also be scrubbed with sodium hy pochlorite or trisodium phosphate, with subsequent rinsing and airing before new commodities are loaded. Fungicidal paint or fumigation with a mixture of 85% carbon dioxide and 15% ethylene can also be used. If odors have developed in a room, air purification can be accomplished by absorbing the odors with 6-14 mesh-activated coconut-shell carbon or washing the air with water (12).

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